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Diamond Bull Club™️

By The Chaos™️

The founder was inspired by the WSB story to create a diamond hand sculpture. It inspired the birth of diamond hand sculpture and a interesting NFT gameplay.

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  • Restrict
  • History
  • Sculpture
1.All Diamond Bull™️ NFT can be exchanged to a real Diamond Bull sculpture.
2.There are 5 kinds of Diamond Hand sculpture for different diamond color. The rarity distribution for diamond color is Blue(5%), Green(15%), Purple(40%), Red(25%) and Yellow(15%).
3.20% Diamond Hand sculpture will participate in the USDC dividend in its current selling stage no matter what color it is.
4.The NFT release Round is that 500 NFTs are released per Round.
1.When a lucky person collects all colors of Diamond Bull™️ NFT, he/she will be eligible to stake 5 different Diamond Bull™️ NFT to get a special Diamond Bull™️ NFT to join 5 Diamond Club and enjoy the permanent 20% USDC dividends.
2.The 5 Diamond Club members will also enjoy 20% creator tax on OpenSea platform and get 5 normal + 1 special Diamond Hand sculpture.
1.The 5 Diamond Club membership can only be born in the top X(Unknow) NFT release.
2.Once any Diamond Bull™️ NFT has exchanged to the physical sculpture, it will not be able to participate in the USDC dividend. 3.The condition for the current round of NFT holders to participate in the next round USDC dividend is to invite 5 real people. 4.The current round NFT holder USDC dividends will be halved(1/2) in the next round.
The Diamond Bull™️ sculpture will have an NFC chip to record your unique NFT data to ensure that your Diamond Bull™️ sculpture will also be unique in the real world. At the same time, you can also log in to The Chaos App through the decentralized wallet to view your NFT and other related information.
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